Tailings Isolation and Management System

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group has a series of Tailings Isolation and Management processes that are able to fully treaty tailings, separating solids and liquids, rendering both suitable for  low risk environmental placement. ESSG delivers the major system combination in the TESSI Tailings Isolation and Management Management System and Effluent Treatment Technology to deliver management, treatment and containment capability for complex waters, soils and tailings; including recovery and packaging of potentially hazardous tails and similar materials. This makes the material available for reprocessing, transport  to other processors, or immediate  environmentally sound storage. Sub-optimal waters can be economically remediated  & utilized on site, or discharged off site in an environmentally sound manner. The TIM system provides effective solutions to most any water, tailings and soil management or remediation project. Historically, the costs associated with specialized remediation and management of difficult or enviropolitically sensitive commodities and sites, and the difficulties inherent in conventional mechanical and chemical treatment systems, placed serious economic and societal burdens on stakeholders without potential to deliver a holistic solution. The industry proven and accepted, fully scalable TIM system is a complete solution.  The TIM system is designed to treat processing tails, soils and sediments as sludge. The system dewaters the materials to achieve waste water recoveries of up to 98% and deliver up to 80% volume reduction in the tailings material; resulting in a stable, low moisture (20%) residual solids-cake product approximating. The  scalable system allows safe and effective removal of tails, soils, spoils and friable contaminants for minimal-risk environmental storage/placement or further processing. TIMS waste solutions management is an ecosocietal approach to waste streams for mining and industrial process operations; especially metalliferous waste. The SABR process enables the first proven, all-natural, economic environmental solution for effluent.