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The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute fully respects, values and follows the methods and systems of the late Bill Mollison, the brilliant, pragmatic researcher, author, scientist, teacher and biologist considered to be the "father of Permaculture.” With complete support for Lisa Mollison as Executive Director, and ‘The Permaculture Institute’, the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute recommends Tagari publications, texts and the guidance of Lisa Mollison as the foremost authority on Bill Mollison’s methodologies. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute purchases all Permaculture texts directly from Tagari Publishing and urges all others to directly support ‘The Permaculture Institute’, by doing the same.  

  * The image of the rainbow snake is ® the Registered Trademark of The Permaculture Institute and carries with it the symbol.

    Stanley, Tasmania - “Like a hamlet on the Cornwall coast: quaint, quirky and inviting.” – Ken Boundy.

"Tagari" is a Tasmanian Aboriginal word meaning "those of us who are gathered here" or "us mob" 

Bill Mollison’s original and current stand-alone institute, ‘The Permaculture Institute’, based at Tagari Garden Farm in Tasmania, Australia, and home to Tagari Publishing, all under the highly astute and inspirational Executive Directorship of Lisa Mollison, continues to deliver the authentic Permaculture research, learning and practice in its purest forms as the heart and soul of global Permaculture.

Tagari, began in 1978 as a community of people who worked and lived on eighty acres of swamp land in Stanley, Tasmania, researching & experimenting with Permaculture Concepts and Sustainable Design Principles, the catalyst for the birth of the worldwide Permaculture Ethics. Tagari Publications was founded by Bill Mollison in 1979; the primary function being to support the work of the Permaculture Institute, by publishing and selling books about Sustainability, transferring the profit to ‘The Permaculture Institute’ at year end.

For access to all Tagari and Bill Mollison’s publications please visit: www.tagari.com