Sustainability assessment of private and public business and environmental impact asessment and management, and governance, incorporating auditing, guidance, and management systems design, development and implementation. Earth Sustaining Sciences Sustainable Management Solutions focuses on advancement of intergenerationally sustainable management systems and practices. We deliver sustainable management models that seamlessly integrate corporate societal responsibility with societally advancing business and operations management systems; creating, linking and managing positive commercial, regulatory and societal outcomes. Our team provides guidance and practice in commercially viable sustainable  mining, resources, agricultural and environmental business systems and behavioural solutions from grassroots to board rooms.

The primary focus is the sustainable remediation of situations that negatively affect the triple bottom line. We offer extensive global experience in risk, health, safety, environment, and community management in mining, resources and agriculture.


The corporate societal responsibility model focuses on design, development and implementation of policies, programmes and practices. The team has extensive  experience with multicultural and politically diverse greenfield and brownfield start-up and operations experience in remote and difficult locations. ESSI champions cross-cultural development and integration to produce socioculturally sustainable economic outcomes that equally advantage peoples and business by leveraging social resources and generating societal capital by promoting responsible and sustainable social opportunity within and between diverse cultural frameworks to deliver shared growth and community and nation supporting cooperative opportunity.


ESSI Sustainable Management Solutions provide positive, minimum change for maximum benefit approaches with an extensive track record in delivering positive attitudes and outcomes in the creation and maintenance of appropriately improved, stakeholder engaged, integrated business practices and working environments.

Sustainability assessment of private and public business management and governance, incorporating auditing, guidance, and management systems design, development and implementation. 

  • Corporate and Operational Governance
  • Corporate and Operational Auditing
  • Guidance System Development and Process Guidance 
  • Operations Systems Design, Development, Management and Implementation
  • Operations Management
  • Interactive Management
  • Resources Management
  • Environment Management
  • Behavioural Management
  • Risk Management
  • Loss Control Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Education and Training Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Crisis and Recovery Management
  • Disaster and Emergency Management (Surface, Underground, Marine)
  • Specialised and Situational Security Management
  • Community & Societal Management
  • Indigenous  & Local Business Development
  • Agriculture and Permaculture Design and Management
  • Geology Management
  • Exploration Assessment
  • Mine Assessment
  • Mine Operations
  • Mine Closure
  • Post Closure Management
  • Eco-Societal Prosperity Development
  • Biomass Energy Development and Management