The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute sustainable and societal management solutions are focussed on design and delivery of integrated sustainable ecosocietal systems and processes.

We understand the paramount need to share knowledge, based upon the methodology of Practice, Arts, Language, Lore and Law; the combination of traditional, cultural and contemporary learning to advance opportunities and the realization of shared success potentials.

The goal is to advance culturally and societally endorsed intergenerational prosperity and industry in a positive sustainable framework, symbiotically bolstering cultures and traditions with which we interact, rather than trade in culture in a manner that erodes traditional society in exchange for IP, technology and trade benefits. We seek ways to mediate between traditional culture and growing globalization in such a way that young people that are impacted develop a greater appreciation for, and a valuing of, their heritage within the framework of culturally and societally endorsed management of change. This drives the preservation of all elements of cultural integrity, opening judiciously selected opportunities and advantages for appropriate and timely industry.

ESSI willingly fosters the ability to thoughtfully select the elements of globalization that will benefit a community, in the young of that community, whilst imbuing the adults of that community with an understanding of the changes taking place and the benefits that they will yield. This promotes the exercising of judgmental skill in overseeing their youth’s changes, direction and cultural additions, without fear oriented reaction causing undue authoritarian clamp down that would see the youth resist the traditional culture in favor of a perception of an alternative.

We endeavor to foster multiculturalism in such a way that the pace and choice is always at the discretion of the people with whom it is in contact, and the ultimate oversight is always in the hands of the community. ESSI does this by deliberate age and role targeted education, training and sociocultural support, ensuring appropriately delivered and nurtured cultural value appreciation in development such as that proposed in exposing the global market to the traditional peoples’ medicinal plants in a manner that preserves all rights and controls within the culture.

ESSI was founded to develop, combine and manage privately developed sustainable all-natural environmental and agricultural solutions. The intent focussed on the delivery of all-natural economic sustainable mining and disturbed lands remediation, advancing into agriculture and relevant localised industry driven intergenerational prosperity. The model is the cooperative development of economic, societally appropriate business and community solutions. Born of the mining, resources and agricultural industries, ESSI understands the requisites and desires in business, cultural and societal enterprise and methodologies for their functional advancement.

ESSI is the Trustee Custodian of all technology created by Wayne Sampey and the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute including the Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor (SABR).The SABR process is the world’s only proven all-natural, economically viable mining, process affected, agriculture and environmental water, soil and fertigation solutions to solve major contamination and arid issues. SABR is effective in remediating to usability, areas affected by metals, metalloids and extreme pH imbalances resulting from mining, processing, agriculture and natural events.Earth Sustaining Sciences is also in the advanced stages of completing the perfecting of an all-natural, low cost, SABR based all-natural desalination process. 


The Shared Success Programs are structured in combination textbook/workbook configurations and vary from 100 page to 500 page volumes which can form part of participant's continual reference asset.

The Shared Success Series has been designed for all those in community, including the young, unprepared or uninformed, who are on their way to making it in life. All the talented up and coming new generation who have ideas, abilities, dreams and responsibilities that will quickly become accountabilities. All the hard work and dedication will not just pay off with outstanding achievements, it may, someday soon, open a whole new world of risk and opportunity. When that day comes, and risk and opportunity is at your feet it is better that you have a solid understanding of what to expect.

Risk and opportunity will be in front of all tomorrow’s people just as it was to all of yesterday’s. However, those who are less than prepared for risk and opportunity are more exposed to Risk than Opportunity! So, as one of tomorrow’s hopefuls in the opportunity stakes, you need to put into practice the fundamentals that the Shared Success Series reinforces.

Shared Success in Society, Shared Success in Business, Shared Success in Management of Change, Shared Success in Dynamics and Shared Success in Ecosocietal Ecology deliver understanding, design and implementation and management of sustainable solutions. These are augmented by Shared Success in Occupational Health Safety and Risk,  The SABR Process Environmental Solutions System,  The SABR Process Agricultural Solutions System, the  Ecosocietal Intergenerational Impact Assessment and Analysis Community Industrial Partnership Assessment and Review Program, the Ecomining  Audit, Assessment and Review Program,Shared Success in Intertidal and Saline Lands Agriculture. Other programs are in current development and publishing.

Whether new to potential or experienced through working hard, honing skills for many years, exposure to accountable risk can be a very daunting experience. Some who enter business or public life are seen by many as an overnight success (remember achieving overnight success can take 20 years). Very little consideration is often given to the behind the scenes learning and effort expended. It is how you are perceived, how you act and how you treat others in society and more directly the immediate community that assists in reducing risk and creating opportunity. That is just the way it is. There are many very important, necessary elements and knowing them before making major decisions concerning risk and opportunity, which are always joined is a far more sustainable approach; it is all about how you assess, how you approach and how you respond.

Life can be unforgiving especially when Mindset allows it to be. From the moment society focus their attention, you will Rightly or Wrongly become a center of commentary and judgement; be in the spotlight and once that set of events arrives maintaining control is key! This means being prepared. Mindset is perhaps the greatest contributor to control. Many unprepared miss out on opportunities of a lifetime or fall prey to unforeseen or poorly understood and treated risks.

So, for all of you with high profile’s, and you up and coming life advances alike.




Our Values

Earth Sustaining Sciences  embodies a set of core values, which provide the foundation for our business processes and ensure we exceed all required project objectives by:

  • Prioritizing behavioral, safety, health and environmental performance;
  • Practicing and driving Respect, Rights and Recognition; and
  • Empowering prosperity with people and communities to optimize and deliver exceptional results through Shared Success.


Our People

We are a team of leaders in our respective fields. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of intergenerational project management from concept to beyond closure, to facilitate community self-determined prosperity. Our teams’ extensive first-hand industry and society based experience ensures that societal accountability and the successful delivery of project outcomes underpin our business ethos.


Our Legacy

Our focus is in providing a positive and legacy for the environment, industry and society. We seek longevity in our selected professional relationships, confidence in the works that we deliver and respect for the commercial, environmental and societal arenas within which our projects are based.