Sustainable Environmental Solutions 

Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation and the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute are specialist in environmental remediation, rehabilitation and environmental management for natural systems and the mining, processing, and intensive agriculture industries. Our aim is delivering cost effective solutions for a range of globally experienced environmental risks including desalination, contaminated waters and contaminated or depleted soils, dust and hazardous airborne particulates. Our solutions utilise biological, biogenic and biosphere benign methods and materials.

Earth Sustaining Sciences processes do not deem it necessary to increase site risks by using hazardous reagents when the same end can be achieved in a similar time frame at a fraction of the cost using processes optimised from natural and endemic systems. Our systems have been successfully applied its unique environmental remediation solutions on sites in Australia, Oceania, America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The systems are industry proven, robust, effective and tuneable to the full gamut of climatic and operational conditions that the industry is subject to. 

Twenty years ago, the founder of the Earth Sustaining Science Foundation, Wayne Sampey, identified that the biggest business risk to the future of mining, industry and agriculture and society would be changes to environmental guidelines and for society in deliverable environmental solutions and commenced a structured set of approaches to deliver resolutions.


Sustainable all natural, economic, dust and airborne particulate solutions using the BioBind system.


Twenty six years of development perfected a minimal risk, all natural, intergenerational, economically viable industrial and agricultural process affected soil treatment solution using the SABRSoil, BioActivate, BioStim, BioSolve, BioGrow and BioBind systems. In addition to contaminated soil remediation the SABRSoil system is effective in boosting nutrients, trace elements and minerals especially in disturbed or deficient soils, to support rapid sustained crop development or improvement in a diverse crop range and, various timbers in small acre and broad acre applications.


Water solutions include the ESS Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactors (SABR), the first viable, globally available all-natural sustainable, minimal risk solution to mining, industrial and agricultural process affected waters. SABR is effective in remediation of acid mine drainage, acid rock drainage, alkaline process waters, neutral contaminated waters and organic contaminated waters. Examples include remediating AMD/ARD water of pH 0.035 to pH 8 and alkaline affected process waters of pH 13+ to pH 7 with up to 99% removal of contaminant metals. The SABRBODS process is now delivering all-natural, cost effective biological desalination.


ESS has developed cost effective bioorganic solutions which deliver rapid improvement in soil nourishment, crop growth and post crop soil recovery in naturally occurring and industry affected lands in almost any situation. Cultivation solutions include BioSolve, BioStim,BioBind, BioGrow and BioSeal systems enhance soil chemistry using ESS developed bioorganic fertilizers and fertigation, soil wetting, binding and stabilisation.

 Mining & Resources

Efficient recovery of target metals from tailings and waste streams, simultaneously treating effluent to environmentally sound release criteria using the ESS & Fraccaroli and Balzan Tailings Isolation and Management System (TIMS).

ESS' services include bioorganic road stabilisation and dust management, mine and processing dust management, stockyard and stockpile stabilisation and product and waste dump binding & wetting using the BioBind system.