The Ecomining and Industrial Processes Management Economically, Ecologically and Societally Sustaining Mining, Resources, Industry & Agricultural Management Model

There are a myriad of beneficial projects in operation across the globe today that with current requirements applied, would never have commenced because effective rehabilitation using traditional methodologies is simply not feasible. The current regulatory environment, science and awareness did not exist when many projects were bought online. As these projects mature and wind down, their parent companies and associate governments and society face enviro-relational dilemmas unless effective and affordable solutions can be delivered. ​Companies worldwide are sitting on expensive care and maintenance programs using traditional and largely ineffective environmental control methodologies, because no cost-effective remediation solutions were known, and the current environmental and regulatory risk awareness did not exist at the time of their inception. ​​Increasingly, regulators will not allow companies to walk away from environmentally unstable sites without imposing crippling penalties and risking ever increasing bonds, let alone the potential damage to ever more elusive social capital; unless the companies liquidate and walk away leaving the issue to government to resolve. Right now, there are projects around the world under due diligence and pre-feasibility that will stall because of the increasing costs imposed by environmental management of operations, rehabilitation, and closure. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group's aim is to work with industry, government and communities within which industry is embedded and entwined, to provide solutions to these problems in an economically, environmentally, regulatory, and societally appreciable manner.  Ecomining, was developed by Sampey and de Chaeney as a system for the ecosocietally ethical shared success delivery of resources and allied projects. There is a need for the implementation between governments, extractive operations, processing industries and communities of ecosocietally sound and effective intergenerationally sustainable approaches to how resources, economics,  environmental and societal paradigms are  continuously improved.  Ecosocietal Sustainability is the economically, environmentally, and societally maintainable model with the ability to effectively unite government, community and industry in defined achievable solutions delivery ensuring the intergenerationally sustainable design, development and management of resources, ecology, and society.  The Ecomining and Industrial Processes Management model delivers at all levels across community, industry and government and grows through practical over technical understanding, education, and involvement to exemplify intergenerational prosperity through a simply structured, ethical, national coalition between community, government and industry.

The Model
  • Ethical, sustainable business mechanisms delivering measurable shared success,
  • Economically, environmentally and sociologically appropriate management and practices through strategic and structured dual-path, derivative and successional accountability in planning and progressive delivery along with the resulting effects, 
  • Practical over technical solutions delivered by intergenerationally systemised local business initiatives implementation in a unified practical over technical societally acceptable integration model.
Future Guarantee

The Ecomining system accounts for ethical, economic and societal shared success through common investment warranty, compliant with a national ecosocietal auditing benchmark. If a project is transparently designed and proven through science and example guarantee delivery  to the stated compliance and results that align with national ecosocietal auditable benchmarks as a minimum requirement, then the potential  outcomes may present an acceptable position.