Societal Sciences CoURSES

The Shared Success Series

Societal Support – Personal and Community Courses 

1.0      5-M Mandate - Shared Success Societal Engagement                           
  • Mates
  • Media
  • Motivation
  • Mentors
  • Management


2.0      3-C Mandate - Culture, Community and Consultation
  • The continuance of culture
  • The importance of family
  • The stabilisation of community
  • The national and international communities
  • Managing influence


3.0      3-R Mandate - Respect, Rights, Recognition
  • Self
  • Family
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Society


4.0      Harm MINIMIZATION 
  • Understanding primary risk and mitigation design and practice
  • Workplace, Family and gender based violence identification, prevention and action
  • Risk management for violence in community
  • Risk management for violence in the workplace
  • Societal delivery of psychological and physical solutions targeting family and gender based violence


5.0      Wow Am I Really That Special - Self Esteem for Children and Adults
  • Self-esteem development
  • Self-esteem advancement
  • Positive personal realization
  • Positive personal development
  • Positive personal advancement


6.0     Personal Resilience PrograM
  • Understanding weaknesses
  • Discovering strengths
  • Balanced anatomical and physiological personal health and fitness education and training
  • Personal and family risk management, self-defense and  protection
  • Beneficial utilization of strengths over weaknesses


7.0     The Power of Me - Thought, Action, Circumstance
  • Positives of individuality in community
  • Positive accepted values in family and community
  • Dissolving negative tendencies and actions for greater benefit

8.0    Strength by Numbers - Empowering Individuals
  • Power of one process
  • Developing self-determination
  • Personal risk solutions 


9.0   My Management - Heart, Mind, Morality
  • Understanding strategies for taking control
  • Developing strategies for managing control
  • Improving potential


10.0    Understanding Family Health - Purpose, Structure, Practice
  • Developing strategies and abilities for family psychology and health
  • Developing steps for solutions achievement
  • Implementing positive practice through developed steps


11.0 Understanding Family Values - Coping, Caring and Sharing
  • Developing a positive communication process
  • Developing positive practical solutions
  • Implementing positive practical progression


12.0  Achieving Unity -Solutions, Satisfaction and Sustainable Solidarity
  • Positive, practical solutions
  • Effective, accepted processes
  • Maintainable management methods