The Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation focusses upon intergenerational eco-societal prosperity.

Eco-Societal Prosperity


Societal mutualism is paramount in developing and maintaining intergenerationally endorsed advancements in industry, government and community while reducing unnecessary erosion of ecology, economics and culture. The long-term objective is to improve the prosperity and cultural stability of the world’s growing population in a sustainable framework of improving equilibrium in the Earth's biosphere, discussed as the single ecosystem comprising the earth and all living organisms.

Eco-Societally Prosperous activities are synonymous with Sustainable: Sustainability may not necessarily be synonymous with Eco-Societal Prosperity.

(Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation 2000)

EARTH SUSTAINING SCIENCES                                                                                                                                                  

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group designs and delivers eco-societally sustainable solutions that appreciate community, industry and government shared success advancement and eco-societal prosperity in multi-dimensional societal systems. The focus is forward thinking, partnerships delivering equally intergenerational advantageous solutions.


  1. Societally sustainable solutions
  2. Remediation of the Earth’s environmental challenges
  3. Intergenerational Resilience

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation focusses upon Shared Success, embodying Greed Free Agreements. Sustainable societal solutions, seamlessly delivered through renewables projects to generate immediate and long-term valued employment and transparent intergenerational economic and societal prosperity. 

ESS Foundation Five Point Paradigm 

1.  Philosophy

    One World - One Wilderness  -  One Biosphere

2. Imperative

    People - Planet - Prosperity 

 3.  Empowerment

      Adaptive Advantage  -  Achievable Reality

 4.  Initiative

      The Outcome is Income  -  Eco-Societal Prosperity

 5. Continuum

      Shared Success embodying Greed Free Agreements

Strategic Intent

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation is committed to creating intergenerational futures through sustainable ethics.         A comprehensive alignment of solutions oriented research, business and applied teachings focussed on three essential pairs of principles:

  1. Justice and Sustainability,
  2. Solidarity and Participation,
  3. Sufficiency and Resolve.

These  principles are centred on five priorities

  1. Essential functional research and development,
  2. Practical over technical learning and training,
  3. Income streams and business application,
  4. Intergenerational solutions development and implementation,
  5. Shared Success.

We embrace societal diversity, developing unity in government, industry and community in sustainable enterprise. We respect and support peoples, their rich cultures and knowledge of their environments in advancing meaningful intergenerational prosperity. We realise  that appropriate knowledge, when applied, has the indelible power to change situations and improve lives and environments. We aim to at all times, ensure and advance ethical, prosperous, sustainable business practices and uphold our commitments and obligations.