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Wayne Sampey developed the Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor SABR process  and a series of other stand-alone and complimentary biotechnologies over 26-years and placed the management of the biotechnology and advancements of the process with Earth Sustaining Sciences. Advances in the Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor process (SABR) now  delivers expanded multiple solutions including treatment of extreme acidic mine and mineral effluent, extreme alkaline process effluent and other mineral, process, agricultural, natural event and salinity affected waters and soils. The process based upon the understanding founded in the development of symbiotic microbiological manifolds (bacteria and elements working in unison, creating treatment colonies to act upon constituents in a manner not before delivered that all-naturally creates a set of desired outcomes). Conversely the process relies as much upon opposing microbiology to deliver assured success. The SABR process, derived from complex manifestations is now a simply delivered solution that is to yet meet it nemesis, following solutions provision to challenges across the globe. Every treatment scenario approached has been delivered a successful set of solutions.

The SABR process can be applied to economically and naturally treat affected effluents and waters to a level allowing effective utilization, disposal on-site, or discharged off-site with negligible risk, within compliance requirements. The SABR approach is to free a location of unwanted water volume through the utilization of tailored symbiotic bioreactors to reduce or remove metals, metalloids and sulfates, therefore reducing contamination of environments. The SABR process can be equally applied to economically and naturally treat soils and lands to deliver compliance requirements. The SABR-Soil process can be easily followed by the SABR BioSolve, BioStim and BioGrow processes (SABR derived) to fully remediate and rehabilitate contaminated, nutrient deficient or depleted soils to ecological, environmental and agricultural requirements increasing   societally beneficial applications.

The Biotechnology extends to BioSeal and BioBind including the all-natural development roads, compressed concrete-like stylized  flooring and paving and building materials from almost any sands and soils including volcanic sands and beach sands. This is supplemented by the  formulation of ESS's new BioBoard, the creation of locally produced, lightweight, high strength, highly economic compressed fiber frame or frame-less construction  board, block and panel structure building materials from grasses, some of which demonstrate high levels of fire retardancy.

Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation will globally philanthropically continue demonstrated effective solutions experienced in Australia, Oceania, Asia, United States, Middle East, China, Mongolia, Africa and Papua New Guinea with the support of governments, regulatory authorities, commercial operators and communities Acid Mine Drainage and Process Affected Water remediation project thus attempted, which is more than 40. To date solutions have been effective in coal mines, gold mines, copper mines and processing effluent, platinum mines, iron ore mines, phosphate refining effluent, phosphogypsum effluent, acid refinery effluent, rare earth poly mineral effluent, power station effluent, fly ash improvement and fly ash effluent, tailings facilities in coal, gold, iron ore and phosphate operations and remediation of disturbed ecology and reinvigoration of riverine, riparian, wetland and soil systems. 

The advancement of the biotechnology to remediate the extreme alkalinity of Bauxite processing residue "Red Mud" and desalinate seawater by > 95% are major advancements with potentials for significant economic advancement of Eco-Societal Prosperity especially in agricultural and environmental advancement.

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