Sustainability assessment of private and public business management and governance, incorporating auditing, guidance, and management systems design, development and implementation. Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation focuses on advancement of intergenerationally sustainable management systems and practices. We deliver sustainable management models that seamlessly integrate corporate societal responsibility with societally advancing business and operations management systems; creating, linking and managing positive commercial, regulatory and societal outcomes. Our team provides guidance and practice in commercially viable sustainable  mining, resources, agricultural and environmental business systems and behavioral solutions from grassroots to board rooms.

The primary focus is the sustainable remediation of situations that negatively affect the triple bottom line. We offer extensive global experience in risk, health, safety, environment, and community management in mining, industry, resources and agriculture.


The corporate societal responsibility model focuses on design, development and implementation of policies, programs and practices. The team has extensive  experience with multicultural and politically diverse greenfield and brownfield start-up and operations experience in remote and difficult locations. Earth Sustaining Sciences  champions cross-cultural development and integration to produce socioculturally sustainable economic outcomes that equally advantage peoples and business by leveraging social resources and generating societal capital by promoting responsible and sustainable social opportunity within and between diverse cultural frameworks to deliver shared growth and community and nation supporting cooperative opportunity.


The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group sustainable management solutions provide positive, minimum change for maximum benefit extensive track record approaches  in delivering positive attitudes and outcomes in the creation and maintenance of appropriately improved, stakeholder engaged, integrated business practices and working environments including:

  • Corporate and Operational Governance
  • Corporate and Operational Auditing, System Development and Process Guidance 
  • Operations Systems Design, Development, Management and Implementation
  • Operations Management
  • Interactive Management
  • Resources Management
  • Environment Management
  • Behavioural Management
  • Risk Management
  • Loss Control Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Education and Training Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Crisis and Recovery Management
  • Disaster and Emergency Management (Surface, Underground, Marine)
  • Specialised and Situational Security Management
  • Community & Societal Management
  • Indigenous & Local Business Development
  • Agriculture and Permaculture Design and Management
  • Geology Management 
  • Exploration Assessment
  • Mine and Production Assessment
  • Mine and Production Operations
  • Mine and Production Center Management
  • Closure Post Closure Management
  • Ecosocietal Prosperity Development
  • Biomass to Energy Development and Management 
  • Waste to Energy Development and Management

ESSG, TESSI & ESS provide minerals & resources, Agricultural, Industrial, Environmental & Societal solutions expertise delivering complex risk solutions in challenging environments creating sustainable value across the asset lifecycle. We deliver experience in project aspects, including due diligence, project selection, exploration optimization, resource development and modelling, mining startup, recovery optimization, environmental geology, risk assessment, closure, and science management. Earth Sustaining Resources is able to offer complete earth sciences solutions or targeted problem solving at any stage of project development, backed by experience in gold, diamonds, base metals, iron and industrial minerals. Significant experience in open cut and underground selective and bulk mining scenarios in operations across Australia and internationally place our team in an enviable position. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group brings this resource and earth science expertise to the table in support of our environmental solutions, agricultural sciences optimization,  and sustainable management practices. As with all foundation elements resources management works in close alliance with The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute.


The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group, through  Earth Sustaining Sciences Solutions as specialists in mining and related activities environmental remediation, rehabilitation and management for exploration, mining and processing, in addition to assisting in delivering solutions to intensive resources, industry, and agriculture industries. Earth Sustaining Solutions is in the business of providing cost effective, efficient working solutions for a range of industry wide environmental and societal risks including contaminated waters and soils, dust and hazardous airborne particulates utilising carefully tailored biological, biogenic and biosphere benign methods and materials. ​ Earth Sustaining Solutions deems it unnecessary to increase risks by using societally questionable hazardous reagents when a better outcome can be achieved in a similar time frame at a fraction of the cost using processes optimised from natural systems. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group has successfully applied its unique environmental remediation solutions in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific and Oceania, Papua New Guinea, Latin America, Russian Federation, Mongolia, Thailand, China, America, Africa, India, Germany, and the Middle East. ​​The systems are industry proven, robust, effective and tuneable to the full gamut of climatic and operational conditions that the industry is subject to. ​​

More than twenty years ago, the founder of Earth Sustaining Sciences Group, Wayne Sampey, identified that the biggest business risk to the future of mining, resources, industry and agriculture would be changes to environmental guidelines, lack of effective regulatory guidance and management and increasingly rigorous controls on environmental discharges and residues. In response to this he began researching biogenically mediated water purification, metals, metalloids, and organic toxin stripping and pH control. This research led to the first Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor (SABR) followed by over a decade of subsequent testing, laboratory  perfecting of biological symbiotics, and extensive global field trials. The system now delivers solutions across 0-14 pH. Consequently, The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group is generations ahead of its closest competitors, (according to their closest competitors) offering the only fully effective, scalable, high processing rate and feed solution, tailorable cost effective simply applied long-term delivery all-natural bioreactor system available today. The biological and biochemical expertise that TESSI created in perfecting the SABR system has been applied to a range of global industry wide issues including dam seals, long lasting fine residue stabilisation, dust control, regrowth promotion, wastewater capitalisation, acid neutralising substrate de-armoring and soil and crop and rehabilitation and optimization, alkalinity solutions, metals and metalloid removal, desalination and reforeststion.  

What We Stand For​

Mining, industry and agriculture are intergenerational activities engaged in by humanity for ten thousand years, and must continue if society is to function. Born of the mining, resources and agriculture industries, TESSunderstands that the greatest good for the greatest numbers will come from enabling industry to productively and profitably continue, adapt and expand within the current culture of increasingly stringent environmental oversight and pervasive global societal and environmental awareness.

There are a myriad of beneficial projects in operation across the globe today that with current requirements applied would never have commenced because effective rehabilitation using traditional methodologies is simply not feasible. The current regulatory environment and awareness did not exist when many projects were bought on line. 

As these projects mature and wind down, their parent companies and associate governments and society face environmentally relational dilemmas unless effective and affordable solutions can be delivered. ​ Companies worldwide are sitting on expensive care and maintenance programs using traditional and largely ineffective environmental control methodologies, because no cost effective remediation solutions were known and the current environmental and regulatory risk awareness did not exist at the time of their inception. ​​Increasingly, regulators will not allow companies to walk away from environmentally unstable sites without imposing crippling penalties and risking ever increasing bonds, let alone the potential damage to ever more elusive social capital; unless the companies liquidate and walk away leaving the issue to government to resolve.

Right now, there are projects around the world under due diligence and pre-feasibility that will stall because of the increasing costs imposed by environmental management of operations, rehabilitation and closure. TESSI’s  aim is to work with industry, government and communities within which industry is embedded and entwined, to provide solutions to these problems in an economically, environmentally, regulatory and societally acceptable manner.  

What We Do ​

We've all seen it, we've even been a part of it. Corporate or site management isn’t sure how to solve the environmental problems a company faces and regulators, who themselves are usually under resourced, reply to document submissions with increasingly detailed and difficult to answer questions. In response the company will engage a consultancy who promptly recommends a course of studies costing upwards of several hundreds of thousands of dollars. The results come in and a fairly generic report is submitted, followed by a recommended list of remedial works that is almost identical to every other such environmental remediation plan, and similarly doomed to be costly, partially effective, and requiring intensive management with intermittent and progressive failures for decades if not centuries.

TESSI does not believe this standard scenario is productive or viable in the long term. We are in the business of delivering solutions, not studies and generic control measures that have struggled or outright failed elsewhere, yet continue to be repeated time and again because that’s the way it has always been done. At ESSG it is the almost universal experience that a large proportion of the knowledge and data needed to understand an operation's environmental problems sufficiently to implement solutions, is to some degree already gathered or understood by site personnel. By analyzing site knowledge, guiding and utilising site expertise and identifying any remaining gaps, very little extra base level information is required before moving into trial solutions and full implementation.

Consider, though the individual processes, problem chemistry, geology and environment at any given site is to some extent unique, the resultant environmental management problems are very similar: the exposure and breakdown of material (x) is causing mega litres of water to have pH (y) and is transporting metals (z), plus assorted anions and toxins. The problem materials are exposed here or sequestered there; artificial or natural land forms are contributing to contaminated runoff problems in that area and airborne particulates are high because of this other factor. TESSI implements cost effective, socioecologically sound industry-wide concept to closure solutions, following a simple globally proven path.