ESSG Earth Engineering Systems deliver integrated services in design, engineering, construction, mining, mine closure and post closure rehabilitation  

Our people, values and legacy are embedded in the culture of our organisation and demonstrated in our business practices. We are fully committed to executing works to the highest possible standard. This is achieved through our ground-breaking service realised by a passionate team who will design and deliver all aspects of projects to a standard that exceeds industry benchmarks.

We embody a set of core values, which provide the foundation for our business processes and ensure we exceed all required project objectives by:

  • Prioritising safety, health and environmental performance, Acting with honesty, integrity and respect, and Using exceptional people to deliver exceptional results.

We are a team of leaders in our respective fields. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of projects from design, through  development to execution. The extensive first-hand industry based experience of our team ensures that safe successful delivery of project outcomes underpin our business ethos. We provide a positive legacy for the environment, our clients and society. We believe in longevity in our professional relationships, confidence in the works that we deliver and respect for the environment within which our  industry is based.

Engineered Environmental Management and Monitoring
  • Approvals, permits and licensing,
  • Baseline environmental monitoring, including but not limited to; hydrological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and geochemical studies,
  • Ecological risk assessment, flora and fauna surveys,
  • Complete environmental and societal solutions, and
  • Environmental impact assessment during each phase of the project lifecycle.
Risk Identification and Management

Systematic identification of all project related risks and the implementation of appropriate mitigation and control strategies throughout the lifetime of the project.

Project Scope Identification, Development and Management
  • Definitive project scope identification through comprehensive pre-feasibility and definitive feasibility studies,
  • Development of tailored operations and closure plans relative to mining operations and closure obligations which can be optimised in alignment with the Mine Plan, and
  • Investigation into implementation strategies and alternative approaches to ensure project goals are met with the greatest value savings.
Integrated Mine Concept to Mine Closure Methodology
  •  We facilitate active societal and stakeholder engagement at all stages throughout the lifetime of the project.
  •  Integrate mine closure with mine planning to cover the plan, the performance program and the closure blueprint.
Development of Project Schedule and Budgets

Development and commitment to an achievable project timeline, via clearly defined scope and implementation strategy, collaborative planning, time-line threat evaluation, accurate estimates of labour, material and equipment requirements built up from first principles.

Project Management

Project ownership and accountability by Earth Engineering Systems teams through the entire project life-cycle.

Engineering and Environmental Design
  • Integrated approach to closure planning, design and execution,
  • Engineer detailed surface mine, underground mine and land form designs and optimizations,
  • Waste rock characterization and mine waste reprocessing assessments, and
  • Materials stockpiling and deployment management systems.
Quality Delivery

Earth Engineering Systems operates a Quality Control system in alignment with ISO 9001.

Environmental and Quality Management and Monitoring
  • Ongoing commitment to environmental health and safety achieved through  implementation of optimised methodological strategies,
  • Strict quality control and assured compliance with regimented guidelines and required specifications throughout each phase of project delivery,
  • Implementation of advanced industry best practice RHSEQC processes,
  • Environmental monitoring, groundwater, surface water and  environmental disturbance and management,
  • Statistical monitoring and analysis to demonstrate full compliance with obligations,
  • Prior safety analysis and planning and post-performance and success analysis,
  • Native seed services; harvesting, storage, supply, and
  • Facilitation of environmental bond relinquishment.
Earthworks, Construction, Operations and Support Services

Diverse construction, deconstruction and rehabilitation capabilities including designs for civil and mining works, mine camp   construction, removal and rehabilitation, highly skilled operators with extensive rehabilitation experience able to develop stable and natural land forms, and construction QA and QC scrutiny and management at all stages throughout the lifetime of the project.

Occupational Health and Safety
  • ESSG values the health and safety of both our people and the environment; this forms the basis for all aspects of project development and delivery.
  • ESSG embodies a Health Safety and Environment culture that is underpinned by experience, structure, comprehensive risk identification, risk mitigation and an ongoing commitment to personnel training and skill development at all levels within our business structure. As such we envisage and strive to deliver an injury and incident-free project.
  • ESSG embraces ISO, 9001, 14001 and 18001 and are fully aware and compliant with Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, standards and processes.
  • We understand the working conditions and expectations of our clients.
  • Our offered solutions are based upon a managed cost, high productivity model utilising a wholly integrated RHSEQC system. This allows for Quality Assurance performance while allowing for a dedicated focus on desired outcomes associated with client realisation of all regulatory approvals and requirements.
Sustainable Relationships

ESSG is committed to the ongoing development of relationships with traditional landowners, local Indigenous communities and organisations. This is evidenced by our dedication to working collaboratively and respectfully with Indigenous people in order to foster economic opportunities and preserve cultural practices. As an Indigenous identified business, we have existing relationships with other Australian Aboriginal identified businesses and communities, and traditional landowners throughout Australia, which provides an avenue for indigenous engagement and advancement throughout all stages of project delivery. Our association with Indigenous businesses internationally is growing rapidly, as our model develops mutually beneficial, cross-cultural understanding as a means of improving business and work-place relationships, increasing stakeholder awareness and education. We are committed to maintaining and further developing this and similar collaborative relationships with all our partners and interested communities.

Facilitation Teams

Our highly experienced facilitation teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience within and beyond the Australian resources, environmental and agricultural industries. We deliver design and construction and maintenance of land forms, roads, open pits and underground workings, tailings storage facilities, lay-down areas, water and environmental systems and delivery of all monitoring, compliance and environmental requirements for project completion. All project requirements are completed to the highest standard, with a quality perspective of on time and on budget,exceeding clients’ expectations. Vegetation clearing, topsoil stripping and stockpiling, in addition to bulk earthworks associated with the construction, deconstruction and progressive rehabilitation of mine site facilities a reliant upon quality management. Our team members have extensive experience within the mining, resources, environmental and agricultural industries globally, this includes:

  • Global project management,
  • Operational, technical, managerial and leadership experience,
  • Engineering, design and project delivery,
  • Environmental management, approvals, compliance, impact assessment and ecological risk identification, rehabilitation and remediation and all surveys,
  • Hydrological and hydraulic design:
    • mine-site water balance including design,
    • review and closure pit lake mass and solute water balance,
    • design and development of closure land forms for multiple waste rock dumps and tailings storage facilities, 
    • closure pit lake inlet and outlet, and
    • construction and operational RHSEQC management.