Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute does not support the transport bacteria or bio-hazardous materials across borders unless specifically requested to do so, under agreed circumstances. All SABR system bio-agents are locally sourced, endemic to individual project regions and thus native to project area biota. Unfortunately, ‘endemic’, a word used in biology to mean native to a region or biota  rhymes with pandemic and epidemic and, in the context of bacteria, these connotations justifiably arouse concern to those not so closely attuned to the biological industries. People tend to think of bacteria as disease causing agents, ‘pathogens’, and something to be strictly controlled; cross boarder movement of diseases is problem of global proportions. However, many bacteria are beneficial and in fact critical to healthy water and soil environments and the ecology as a whole; being commensurable or symbiotic with a healthy robust biota. The majority of these have been dispersed by winds and waters for millions of years and are global in distribution. Nevertheless, a significant part ofThe  Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute research program over the last twenty years has been in building the capacity to rapidly identify, foster and culture the appropriate biological manifold organisms to effectively treat contaminated waters and soils, from only those microorganisms native to a rehabilitation or project area. In using this methodology, not only does this remove the need to transport microorganisms across borders, but removes all risk of bio-contamination and foreign species introduction. It also promotes long term bioreactor stability and contributes to streamlining and cost effective reactor initiation; thus providing savings to the bottom line in combination with high level risk management and regulatory compliance.