TESSI BioSeal Active

BioSeal Active is a permeable environmentally stable sealing agent for application to agricultural soils, dry or disused tailings dams and roads and denuded areas to provide a sealing solution reducing evaporation, erosion and dust.  BioSeal, a viscous material  applied by water cart, agricultural spray system or spray hose,l cures over a two to forty eight hour period, depending on climate as a nonfriable seal. It relaxes surface tension when wet, returning to a structured growth and soil supporting seal when dry.

Agricultural Soil Carbon Enriched 1.5mm Thickness BioSeal  Pindan Soil Surface Application

Agricultural Soil BioSeal Active Application Showing 1.5mm Surface Coating With BioBind Active Soil Binding

Rehabilitation Soil BioSeal Active 5-mm Surface Application Showing Thickness Leading Edge (grey) and Malleability 

TESSI BioSeal Super

BioSeal Super is a semi-permeable to minimally permeable environmentally stable sealing agent for tailings and spoils areas with significant potential for the sealing/lining of temporary water retention facilities.  The material will initially cure to a rubbery consistency which with time and temperature increase will form a solid Bakelite similarity nonfriable seal. When covered in water, moisture will gradually penetrate causing the sealant to become supple; returning to a firm consistency, increasing to solid following drying.  

BioSeal Super Surface Application

Full Tailings Dam Sealing Mix BioSeal Super 15mm Application; 24 hrs 18 -32 Degrees Direct Sun Exposure To  Bakelite Type Hardness.