Surface and Soil Formation & Management
                                                               Low salinity soil                                Moderate salinity soil                                  High salinity soil                                           

TESSI BioBind products are custom binding agents with blends tailored for specific applications. All are formulated from environmentally non-toxic, organic and biodegradable components that present no environmental or OH&S issues. TESSI BioBind solutions are a combination of minimal risk  solutions laboratory and field proven as highly cost-effective applications in a significant number of mines and disturbed lands with runoff and inward permeation control, wetting and conditioning in multiple soil types exhibiting exceptional reduction in erosion, transferable dust and particulates. TESSI has demonstrated the ability for BioBind to stabilize surfaces for extended periods while being applied at minimal frequency over the course of the year. BioBind Active permits growth though bound soils, restricting from-soil evaporation while allowing top soil water permeation.

Reduces Need For Material

BioBind delivers rapid soil stabilisation assisting in road and surface formation and construction, and surface and dust management yielding real cost benefits reducing the need for major stabilisation material addition during maintenance. 

Withstands Harsh Environments

BioBind systems are able to withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind, and water inundation that often severely damages traditionally compacted and managed dirt roads. The BioBind compounds, in conjunction with soil compaction where appropriate, stabilize road structures and surfaces; reducing rapid deterioration while suppressing dust and reducing erosion.

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

BioBind constituents are environmentally friendly and water use can be reduced by up to 80% in operations through simple maintenance planning and application.

TESSI BioBind Active

BioBind Active is a cost effective permeable spray applied binding agent for stabilizing fine particulates on agricultural soils, roadways, vacant areas, spoil areas, tailings storage facilities, and similar dust and siltation generating scenarios inclusive of high salinity spoils. 


                                                                                                     BioBind Active  spray applied to vacant high dust risk land surface
TESSI BioBind Light

BioBind Light is a rapid curing solution that binds material and creates a surface seal which limits water permeation, (enhanced by water shedding contouring). The treated surface can also be finished as  brushed, grader or roller compacted. 

TESSI BioBind Heavy

BioBind Heavy is a moderate curing solution which limits water permeation, (enhanced by water shedding contouring) and can be finished as a brushed, graded or roller compacted surface. BioBind Heavy is an advanced development of BioBind which delivers greater binding and compaction abilities increasing surface tolerance for constant heavy traffic.