Wayne Sampey Founder and Executive Director The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group & The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Wayne Sampey is a sustainable management and sustainability management practitioner with extensive experience in environment health, safety and risk with more than 40 years’ experience in the mining, resources, heavy industry, and agricultural industries. For the last 25 years, he has focused on challenging environmental and societal, mining and agricultural resources management issues utilising economically expedient government, industry and community sustainability advancement principles through concentration on creative solutions delivery. He created and perfected the all-natural Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor process (SABR) that economically and expediently delivers acid mine, acid rock drainage water and soils solutions (proven remediation from less than 0.5 pH to neutral) and  high pH industrial effluent solutions, soils and clays (proven remediation from greater than 14 pH to neutral), along with the BioSolve, BioStim, BioGrow, BioBind, BioActivate, BioBoard, BioSolve and BioSeal systems, a series of natural soil management, dust management,  ground and soils formation and stabilisation, tailings and spoils dam sealing and agricultural soil management, fertigation, growth enhancement and management processes. Together with Daemon de Chaeney, he developed the ECOMINING® Operational, Environmental and Societal Assessment and Audit System, an economic, commercial/societal resources management solutions model delivering a new environmental security bonding approach to environmental disturbance. With the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute, he has created the world’s first all-natural, economic Bioorganic Desalination System SABRBODS, which has delivered 66% salinity reduction in African and Australian mine waters and up to 95% salinity reduction in high salinity agricultural soils and seawater desalination. He has recently perfected TESSI SymECulture - Symbiotic Ecological  Agriculture - Purely Natural - High Quality, High Yield,  Improved volume  Cultivation.

Daemon de Chaeney Senior Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute 

Daemon de Chaeney is a senior earth sciences professional with extensive experience in resources assessment, development and management. Having joined the Royal Australian Air Force upon high school graduation he became an engineering specialist in aircraft propulsion and ancillary systems. He served alongside the military commands of six nations before leaving the military to continue a career in the civilian aerospace industry. In the early 1990's, whilst managing a diversified business portfolio developing considerable experience in sustainable management and agriculture he returned to university to pursue further studies in science and geology. He has since held the positions of principal geologist, geology manager, general manager and mine manager in a cross section of companies from junior miners to fortune 500 majors, and more recently and currently as a specialist consultant to the mining and resources sector. He navigated a number of mining and resource development operations through start up to closure in a variety of commodities including gold, base metals, iron and industrial minerals, in capacities covering mining, resource development, exploration and due diligence.

Papatsorn Pattarapornkun Senior Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

A SymECulture practitioner, Papatsorn is the first tropical application agriculturalist to demonstrate SymECulture in Asian environments. The developed and applied cultivation techniques have advanced temperate species in highland tropical climates, enhancing sustainable cultivation of not before realised species polyculture food productions, demonstrating vast improvements in growth patterns and harvests.  Papatsorn also natural health and medicine specialist is also a Fellow of the Life Sciences Institute.

Joe Edwards Senior Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute 

Underground Mining and Mining management Specialist For 30+ years Joe has focused on mining development and operations management in emerging mining markets including USA, Indonesia, Africa, Latin America and Asia. His abilities and experience includes ground control, ground support, rehabilitation, and construction, mine infrastructure, water management and distribution, ventilation, mine development, portals collaring, ramps and declines, Alimak raising, specialised controlled blasting,  stoping and stope recovery, narrow vein development and production, and cut and fill stoping. 

Terry Haines  Senior Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Terry Haines, a high risk training and education specialist with 40 years’ experience across a diverse industry range in Australia, Mongolia, Europe, Middle East  and Asia is the Education and Training Director for Earth Sustaining Sciences,. His experience includes roles as consultant, managing director, global general manager and CEO of Australian and international organisations. Terry has created many detailed systems and syllabus programs and directed several training and education institutes to international success in both English and non-English speaking centres. He has extensive capabilities in major industrial site supervision and high risk training and verification of competency solutions delivery, project operations management, auditing, risk management and occupational health and safety and emergency management.

Richard Barker (honoris causa) Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Richard Barker is a Permaculture, environmental and societal sustainability advocate who empathetically supports research, education and design in sustaining practices and management. A practical over technical concept to continuum Permaculture development and remediation advocate of 30 years’ experience, he combines opportunity with multiple solutions, developing all natural  environmental and societal synergy, stabilisation and enhancement solutions through technically astute practical processes successfully implemented across the globe. He is the founder of Tilligerry Permaculture Research and Education Farms, as demonstrations of the shared success model. As a Polyculture Permaculture and Societal practitioner Rick Barker brings together approaches and experience from Australia and around the world that when applied, have solutions for everyday living. A colleague of Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture, Rick continues to design and share learnings wherever invited locally and internationally through positive creative activity. Spontaneous Appreciations and Learnings in Nature based on a philosophy and ethics of earth and people care evolving a model of shared success are societal imperatives. A blending of traditional cultural awareness with contemporary advancements in sustainable living, utilising conscious functional design are growth attributes. The challenges our current global generations face are complex, though the solutions are quite simple. Tilligerry Permaculture Research & Education is example focused, showing simple solutions to inspire, empower and improve. 

Carole Bartholomeaux  Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Carole Bartholomeaux is a communications and media professional with more than 25 years in business communications and societal practice. A seasoned legislative lobbyist, she has worked on a variety of issues including the Omnibus Groundwater Act. Recognised as a multi-cultural and sociologically dynamic humanitarian, she managed all national and international media when Sandra Day O’Connor who was elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater requested Carole’s assistance to lobby at the Federal Level for passage of his Indian Healthcare Act. Carole combines her ability to focus on global processes to achieve localised results through progressive-practical and positive positioning. She is the founder and CEO of Bartholomeaux P.R. and was co-founder and President of Boomer Entertainment LLC.

 Carter Edwards  Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Carter Edwards is a highly motivated and experienced societal change agent with more than 55-years of solutions provision in the complex mainstream of social change. As an author, speaker and influencer on multiple topics, he long-ago mastered communicating and connecting with people of all ages and demographics on a personal level. From his popular children’s self-esteem book ‘Wow! Am I Really That Special?’, to ‘Your Wealth Is In Your Health!’ and multidimensional health and fitness program ‘Be Your Own Personal Trainer’, his lifetime of personal experience in health and fitness comes to the fore. Carter is an inspiring motivator with an ‘open door’ attitude to coaching and mentoring. Recognised with many accolades for his contributions to society, including ‘Honorary Life Membership of Camp Breakaway’ for his service to the disabled and ‘The John Campbell Fellowship MO Award’ for his community service he is a straight-forward truth advocate and commentator. Carter and writing partner Wayne Sampey signed their first publishing contract many years ago, releasing their life changing interactive personal development program, ‘How To Play The Sporting Fame Game Successfully’. The program educates sports professionals, both established and up and coming, in skills and mindsets to fulfill their career dreams on and off the field. They have since completed many projects. Their writing team has recently anchored, with Daemon de Chaeney, Richard Barker and Joe Pito, the fifteen volume Shared Success Series, the latest in the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute's education and training programs in ecosocietal prosperity focusing on Societal Interaction, Business Practice, Management of Change, Dynamics Application, Occupational Health, Safety and Risk, the SABR processes, and Ecology.

Carol Ridgeway-Bissett  Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute 

 Carol Ridgeway-Bissett is a Maaiangal Woman of the Worimi Nation. Carol is listed as a hidden treasure by the NSW Australia government and is a widely respected social justice practitioner, educator and commentator. She is a specialist in natural environment who has held positions on multiple NSW, Australia government and associated boards and committees.

Carol's resume' includes:

  • Diploma and Degree in Welfare and Feminist studies, University of Newcastle, Australia,
  • Associate lecturer in Aboriginal studies, University of Newcastle, Australia,
  • Lecturer and counsellor in drug and alcohol management,
  • Project development officer in community and prison rehabilitation and education programs,
  • Australian Welfare Worker of the year,
  • Domestic violence interventionist and councellor,
  • Champion of indigenous conservation, cultural heritage and natural environment management,
  • Specialist in negotiation and conciliation,
  • A tireless advocate for women’s and family justice,
  • Author, coach and mentor. 

Ashley Sampi Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Ashley Sampi is a highly regarded Bardi man, Indigenous advocate and retired celebrated Australian rules footballer who played for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League. He attended Trinity College in Perth, Australia and following his football entered heavy industry and mining. Maintaining his interest in mentoring others and seeking solutions in societal and intergenerational prosperity, Ashley became a fellow of the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute in 2015. He is co-creator and co-designer of the Kimberley, Dampierland Djarindjin/Ngamakoon, North Western Australia, TESSI-Sampi Bardi/Jawi plan and project for ecosocietal advancement focused on a multi-plane model that includes community driven terrestrial agriculture, marine and freshwater aquaculture & aquaponics and associated tourism and allied business.

 Joe Pito Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Joe Pito, is an empathetic leader and strategic thinker whose purpose is to serve people and organisations in the advancement of corporate and human resources strategy. For more than 20 years, Joe has focused upon helping people, groups and organisations from all areas of society meet their expectations by moulding synchronised societal and business strategies expanding imagination of what is possible and delivering functional enduring solutions. Born a first generation New Zealand Samoan, Joe is a proud Pacific islander who attributes his successes to the tenacity and courage of his parents who moved from their homeland to offer their children greater opportunities in their adopted home of New Zealand. It was from these humble beginnings that he was ingrained with a distinguishing work ethic and gratitude that has served him well throughout his life.  During his formidable younger years Joe naturally progressed into leadership roles whether through professional circumstances, organisational development or underlying passions in sports culture. The last 14 years of his professional life have been concentrated within the resources sector as a lynch pin between client and contractors; from concept to execution, from challenge to solution and from disorganisation to strategic success. Whilst traditionally the mining space is a challenging one with old mindsets, traditionalist processes and a tough cultural environment it has been one that has yielded the best results and insights into supporting the mental well-being of the men and woman who dedicate their time to this industry. Joe has focused on the core fundamentals of human behaviour that most affect personal and business performance. He possesses the unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary events, and the combination of his substance and style captures the imagination of those whom he is privilege to work with. Joe integrates seamlessly into a group or organisation a part of a team to understand challenges and deliver solutions. Open communication, listening to stakeholders and team members to enable the required motivation in the uniqueness of the individual to be identified and exposed is the primary aim; collaborating those elements within a team setting and delivering a collective solution empowering cultural and organisational excellence is the end goal.

Dale Carter Fellow Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute

Dale is an Environmental Scientist with 12 years’ experience in 'concept to closure' design and practice with specialist delivery experience in Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management in the Mining and Forestry sectors. Dale has experience in simultaneous multiple mine sites rehabilitation, with focus on the remediation of contaminated water and tailings management. He has recently been the environmental lead on major mining projects in the Pilbara region, managing site environmental departments. He has worked on the remediation of Acid Mine Drainage contamination from gold mines in the Northern Territory, using SABR BioReactor systems to neutralise highly acidic water (<3 pH) with excessive levels of heavy metals and the development of forestry solutions to contaminated lands.