The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute (TESSI) continues to advance the Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor (SABR) and associated processes, the world’s only proven all-natural, economic, environmentally viable solution for process affected 0-14 pH water and soil remediation and rehabilitation that additionally provides cost effective organic crop and natural growth developing and advancing fertigation opportunities. The SABR family of processes solve previously thought untreatable contamination issues, allowing their conversion to viable alternatives. SABR is effective in remediating to advanced societally serving usability, areas affected by salinity, metals, metalloids, pH imbalances and denutrification resulting from mining, industry, agriculture and natural events. Our agricultural advancement processes yield highly effective, all-natural, low risk, growth enhancement processes and systems tuneable tor most soils, crops and climates, and are scalable to required management and delivery. To date in all applications, the Symbiotic Aquatic Bioreactor process (SABR), enabled complete remediation of disturbed ecology and rapid reinvigoration of riverine, riparian, lacustrine, wetland, littoral and soil systems. ESSG utilise their SABR and SABRBODS processes to commercially deliver solutions to industry, environment and society, reducing and controlling mining, resources, industrial and agricultural contamination and degradation, reducing, remediating and rehabilitating natural ecology, environment and societal loss through water, soils and industrial and agricultural effluents. The process equally delivers solutions to metals, metalloids, salinity, hydrocarbons, chemical and associated contamination and nutrient depleted or over-nutrified soils.  Societal mutualism is paramount in developing and maintaining intergenerationally sustainable Advancements in industry, government and community while reducing unnecessary erosion of ecology, economics and culture. The long-term objective is  measurable enduring improvement in the prosperity and cultural stability of the world’s growing population, improving equilibrium in the Earth's biosphere, discussed as the single ecosystem comprising the earth and all living organisms. Ecosocietally prosperous activities are synonymous with sustainability: However, sustainability may not necessarily be synonymous with ecosocietal prosperity, based upon People, Planet and Partnerships. (TESSI 2000)  

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