The Earth Sustaining Solutions teams, have extensive experience in mining, resources, industrial, energy, agricultural, environmental and societal, planning, practice and solutions application across the globe. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group (ESSG) operations teams  equally understand the requisites and methodologies for functional advancement in commercially positioned, societally serving enterprise supporting environmentally and societally sustainable industry advancement. We have extensive abilities and experience in sustainable operations  assessment, design, development and advancement of business and societal management according multi-faceted governance, incorporating regulatory administration, auditing, guidance, and practical/technical management systems design, development and implementation. The Earth Sustaining Solutions teams focus upon advancement of functional intergenerationally sustainable operations through the application of structured management systems and practices. We deliver sustainable management models that seamlessly integrate operational corporate societal responsibility creating, developing and managing positive commercial, regulatory and societal outcomes. Our teams provide boardroom to on-ground guidance and practice in commercially viable sustainable  mining, resources, energy, agricultural, environmental, ecological and societal business systems and behavioural solutions. The  focus is primarily the prevention of, and the sustainable remediation of situations that negatively affect the triple bottom line. We are environmental impact and solutions management specialists utilising our tailored corporate and ecosocietal systems and processes that have proven their value across the globe over many years. The corporate societal responsibility model focuses on design, development and implementation of policies, programs and practices. The teams have extensive experience with multicultural and politically diverse greenfield and brownfield start-up and operations experience in remote and difficult locations. We champion cross-cultural development and integration to produce socioculturally sustainable economic outcomes that equally advantage peoples and business by leveraging social resources and generating societal capital by promoting responsible and sustainable social opportunity within and between diverse cultural frameworks to deliver shared growth and community and nation supporting cooperative opportunity. 

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