Jargalan Gerelsaikhan - Executive Director Mongolia Permaculture Institute

Jargalan is a project manager with extensive experience in mining and construction industries international organisations, specialising in project management services (cost and schedule management), Process implementation & improvement, business readiness activities and stakeholder engagement. Held various positions to ensure compliance, standardisation and worked closely with staff and management to provide awareness and capability development. Highly focused on people, safety and environment and gained problem solving experience in high risk activities, gained more than 6 years experience including the establishment, development, management & growth of  project/business teams, plans, policies, standards, process, procedures & capability including resources, assurance, development & governance of processes. Moreover, with her strong cultural roots and knowledge appreciation, Jargalan gained  high performance teams creation & development and  community development experience and effective engagement with finance, contracts & procurement, engineering, management, construction & contractors and government agencies stakeholder engagement.                                                                  



Societal mutualism is paramount in developing and maintaining intergenerationally endorsed advancements in industry, government and community while reducing unnecessary erosion of ecology, environment, economics, culture and society. The long-term objective is to improve the prosperity and cultural stability of Mongolia's ecology, economy and growing population in a sustainable framework of improving equilibrium in the earth's biosphere, discussed as the single ecosystem comprising the earth and all living organisms.

Ecosocietal Practice:               The methods and function of performing the task, (How and why it is done)

Arts:                                        The study and practice of culture

Language:                               The interpretation, communication and continuations of culture and society,

Lore:                        The vital core of a culture’s rules, ethics and morals that ensure protection and preservation of all

Law:                        The design and application of ‘just’ rules, for cohesive societal regulation and management.  

    Ecosocietally Prosperous activities are synonymous with sustainable, however sustainability may not necessarily be synonymous with Ecosocietal Prosperity.                                                                                            
Advancing intergenerational prosperity while equally preserving Ecological, Environmental, Cultural and Commercial values  Intergenerationally is a global imperative.

The Mongolian Permaculture Institute and The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group deliver solutions that appreciate ecological, environmental, community, industry and government shared success advancement and ecosocietal prosperity through multi-dimensional societal systems. The focus is forward thinking 'greed free agreement'  shared success partnerships delivering intergenerationally advantageous solutions. Our traditional culture, exposed to pressures through economics, globalisation and absorption of modern western mechanisms, particularly prevalent in adolescents, voraciously soaks up the freely available popular media of the developed nations. This most often encourages aspiration to perceived opportunities and entitlement to wealth, leisure and status that the accompanies the interpretation of ‘western’ or going ‘global’. The expansion of the inter-web to include mobile phones and low-cost global internet access are accelerating this process. The unfortunate conundrum is that in many cases, the endemic power of our own culture and the abundance of our own communities is not realised.  The Mongolian Permaculture Institute and The Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute focus upon the principal need to impart knowledge-based solutions developed along the methodology of practice, arts, language, lore and law; the combination of traditional, cultural and contemporary applied sciences supported learning to create and advance opportunities for the realisation of local, regional, national and global potentials. The goal must be intergenerational prosperity advancement that symbiotically bolsters all cultures and traditions with which we interact, in an enduring framework. Trading culture and eroding traditional societal values in exchange for lands, lifestyles, IP, tech., and trade benefits needs to advance from simply beneficial ‘consideration’ to actual shared success, embodying greed free agreements. The Mongolian Permaculture Institute and The Earth Sustaining Sciences  Group progressively seek opportunities to mediate between traditional cultures and  emerging globalisation in a manner that supports all people in development of a greater appreciation for, and valuing of, their heritage within wider societally endorsed methodologies for management of change. This drives the preservation of all elements of cultural integrity, opening judiciously selected opportunities and advantages for appropriate and timely ecosocietal advancement.