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economic, eCOLOGICALLy and societally sustainable environmental, resources and agricultural solutions 

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With extensive experience in the mining, resources and agricultural industries, Earth Sustaining Sciences, equally understands the requisites and methodologies for functional advancement in commercial, societal serving enterprise, environmental and ecological advancement.

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Team are the developers of the Symbiotic Aquatic BioReactor process (SABR), the world’s only proven all-natural, economic, environmentally viable solution for process affected 0-14 pH water and soil remediation and rehabilitation that additionally provides cost effective organic crop developing and advancing fertigation.

The process solves previously thought untreatable contamination issues, allowing their conversion into viable alternatives.

SABR is effective in remediating to usability, areas affected by salinity, metals, metalloids,  pH imbalances and denutrificationresulting from mining, industry, agriculture and natural events. Our agricultural advancement process yields highly effective, all-natural, low risk, growth enhancement systems tuneable and scalable for most soils, crops and climates.


The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group provides eco-societal solutions through immediately deliverable combinations of systems and processes to ensure society, environment and biodiversity continue to mutually prosper. As specialists in environmental design, remediation, rehabilitation and management for the mining, processing, and intensive agriculture industries, we deliver world-first cost effective solutions for a range of globally oppressive environmental risks inclusive of salinity, acid mine drainage, bauxite processing ‘Red Mud’, metals, metalloids and other pollutant contaminated water and soils, depleted lands, dust and hazardous airborne particulates.

Our processes utilise biological, biogenic and biosphere benign methods and materials where ever possible, providing minimum change for maximum benefit.

We understand that some of the greatest environmental risks are land and water degradation through mining, industry and agriculture, further exacerbated by inability and inaction of governments and corporations. This is paralleled by the business risks to the future of mining and industry through the evolution of environmental guidelines forced upon governments and the private sector by a contemporary society. Couple this with salinity driven food security issues exacerbated by climate, pollution and market control and we have a downward spiralling continuum.The greater population is rapidly expanding understanding of and commitment to actioning the realisation that many governments deliver lamentable laws and governance which disregard respect, rights and recognition of the land, environment and affected parties,  continuing to place accountability for eco-societal degradation at the feet of the mining, industrial and agricultural entities. Conversely, mining, industrial and agricultural entities, expertly return the accountability firmly to the feet of the governments that deliver lamentable laws and governance, thereby maintaining the periphrastic cycle. Relying upon Hope; (some-one else, some-where else, some-other time), seldom if ever, delivers the ever-necessary solutions.

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group designs and delivers in-house solutions developed over 25-years  with the Earth Sustaining Sciences Institute.  Our unique systems have been successfully applied as environmental and societal remediation solutions in Australia, Oceania, America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The systems are industry proven, robust, effective and tuneable to the full gamut of climatic and operational conditions. 



Societal mutualism is paramount in developing and maintaining intergenerationally endorsed advancements in industry, government and community while reducing unnecessary erosion of ecology, economics and culture. The long-term objective is to improve the prosperity and cultural stability of the world’s growing population in a sustainable framework of improving equilibrium in the Earth's biosphere, discussed as the single ecosystem comprising the earth and all living organisms.

Eco-societal Practice:           The methods and function of performing the task, (How and why it is done),

Arts:                                        The study and practice of culture,

Language:                              The interpretation, communication and continuations of culture and society,

Lore:                                       The vital core of a culture’s rules, ethics and morals that ensure protection and preservation of all,

Law:                                        The design and application of ‘just’ rules, for cohesive societal regulation and management.     

Eco-Societally Prosperous activities are synonymous with Sustainable: Sustainability may not necessarily be synonymous with Eco-Societal Prosperity.                                                                                                                        

Advancing intergenerational prosperity, preserving culture and commercial values.

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group creates and delivers eco-societally sustainable solutions that appreciate community, industry and government shared success advancement and eco-societal prosperity in multi-dimensional societal systems. The focus is forward thinking, partnerships delivering equally intergenerational advantageous solutions.Many traditional cultures, exposed to pressures through economics and absorption of global mechanisms, particularly prevalent in adolescents, voraciously soak up the freely available popular media of the developed nations. This most often encourages aspiration to perceived opportunities and entitlement to wealth, leisure and status that the accompanies the interpretation of ‘western’ or going ‘global’. The expansion of the interweb to include mobile phones and low cost global internet access are accelerating this process. The unfortunate conundrum is that in many cases, the endemic power of their own culture and the abundance of their own communities is not realised. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group strongly supports the principal need to impart knowledge, based upon the methodology of practice, arts, language, lore and law; the combination of traditional, cultural and contemporary learning to create and advance opportunities in the realisation of local, regional, national and global potentials. The goal must be intergenerational prosperity advancement that symbiotically bolsters cultures and traditions with which we interact, in a sustainability framework. Trading in culture eroding traditional society in exchange for lands, lifestyles, IP, tech., and trade benefits needs to advance from simply beneficial ‘consideration’ to actual Shared Success, embodying Greed Free Agreements. The Earth Sustaining Sciences Foundation progressively seeks ways to mediate between traditional cultures and the emerging globalisation in such a way that all people develop a greater appreciation for, and value of, their heritage within wider society endorsed methodologies for management of change. This drives the preservation of all elements of cultural integrity, opening judiciously selected opportunities and advantages for appropriate and timely eco-societal advancement.

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group supports the ability to thoughtfully select the elements of globalisation that will benefit a society, whilst imbuing community with an understanding of the changes taking place and the yielded benefits. This promotes the exercising of judicial overseeing of the management of intergenerational change, direction and cultural additions, without fear of undue authoritarian oriented reactions.

The Earth Sustaining Sciences Group seek to foster true bi-culturalism in such a way that the pace and choice is always at the discretion of the people with whom it is in contact, and the ultimate oversight is always in the hands of the community. The group does this by deliberate age and role targeted education, training and sociocultural support, ensuring culturally endorsed delivery of contemporary learning and nurtured cultural value appreciation of traditional peoples in a manner that preserves all rights and controls within the culture.


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